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Being an official club or society has it’s perks. If you’re ratified by the Student Union and in good standing, you’ll gain access to benefits like:

  • Base funding (up to $750 for clubs, $1000 for societies, and $500 for sub-societies)
  • Being listed as an official club of the Student Union
  • Insurance coverage

  • Eligibility to apply for grant funding

  • Booking space on campus through the event form process

  • Accessing visual, audio, and other equipment
  • Assistance with event planning and budget creation
  • Co-curricular recognition

  • Use of resources (popcorn machine, tablecloth, banner stand, etc.)


Every club and society must be ratified to gain official status. The deadline to ratify is September 30, 2018. Existing groups must reapply for ratification every year. It just takes a few easy steps to renew or start a group.

If you’re a new group, ensure that the group you’re forming does not already exist on campus by viewing our club and society list. Keep in mind that the Student Union is not able to ratify sports group. If you are interested in starting a sports-related club, please contact Campus Recreation.

Existing groups can go right to Step 2!

Recruit a minimum of 4 executives and 10 general members that are full time students.

Complete our online ratification application. If any information is incomplete or inaccurate your application may not be approved.

The Club and Society office will send you communication in regards to your ratification status within 10 business days. Your group is not officially ratified until you receive this email. Events and funding will not be granted until this final approval is confirmed.

Once your application has been approved, the Club and Society office will contact you regarding executive training. Club and Society training must be completed by all executives.

If you  need assistance completing your ratification application, please contact the Club and Society Coordinator to make an appointment.