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Important dates (2017-2018 Academic Year)

Fall Semester Grant Funding Deadline: Apply here Sept 10, 2017
UOIT Get Involved Fair Sept 7, 2017
Executive Training Deadline October 27, 2017
Fall Semester Event Form Deadline November 10, 2017
Winter Semester Grant Funding Deadline: Apply here November 10, 2017
Student Union Annual General Meeting TBA
Fall Semester Finance Forms Due November 27, 2017
Blackout Scheduling Period (per DC & UOIT Policy) Dec 5 – Jan 3, 2018
Clubs & Society Office Closed Dec 16 – Jan 7, 2018
C&S Fair: Sign up here Jan 18, 2018
Online Election Registration Deadline (Societies) Feb 1, 2018
Co-Curricular Recognition Submission Deadline Feb 3, 2018
Society Elections Nomination Packages Open for Submission Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2018
Society Elections Campaign Period Mar 5-9, 2018
Society Elections Voting Period Mar 12-14, 2018
Ratification Applications Open for  2018-2019 March 1, 2018
Registration for the Student Union Leadership Conference Open TBD
Deadline for All Event Forms for 2017-2018 Academic year March 1, 2018
Blackout Scheduling Period for UOIT Exams April 10-22, 2018
Deadline for All Financial Forms March 30, 2018
Blackout Scheduling Period for DC Exams April 17-21, 2018

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

When asking for a COI from a company, the following must be included:

  1. The UOIT Student Union listed as the Insured
  2. UOIT and Durham College listed as Additional Insured. Some companies may get confused by this. Make sure to emphasize that the Student Union is a separate entity from DC and UOIT.


Why require insurance from an outside party, such as a contractor, vendor, or other party?

Insurance is a mechanism to protect the interests of the Institution. Specifically, insurance provides a mechanism for the university to recover for injury or damage that an outside party is legally obligated to pay. Such obligations could occur if an outside party injures an employee or student, damages DU property, or damages personal property of an employee or student.

When does an outside party need insurance?

When the outside party:

  • Provides a service for UOIT, DC, or the Student Union
  • Performs work on UOIT, DC, or the Student Union property
  • Performs work on behalf of the University, College, or Student Association
  • Uses UOIT, DC, or the Student Union property

How does an outside party provide evidence of insurance?

Evidence of insurance is obtained through a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

It is a document provided by an insurance agent or broker that outlines the types of and limits of insurance carried by the contractor, vendor, or other party. In addition to the types and limits of insurance, the Certificate lists the name of the agent or broker, the insurer and the effective dates of the policy.

What does “Additional Insured” mean?

When the University and College is listed as an additional insured, it means that our interests are protected under the insurance policies purchased by the outside party in regard to the work performed, service provided, product provided, etc. by the outside party.  Essentially, it allows us to use the insurance provided by the outside party. The University and College should always be listed as an additional insured on all general, umbrella, or excess liability policies.

Want to know how to successfully co-host an event with your fellow groups?  Follow these steps:

  1. Have one point of contact for each group. When too many people are trying to coordinate an event, important details get over looked.
  2. Try drafting an agreement or a memorandum of understanding between your groups so that everything is laid out and everyone knows their part to make the event successful.
  3. Complete a budget so that you know how much each group will be contributing to the event
  4. If your collaboration is with outside vendors, you will need to obtain a COI or Certificate of Insurance from the company before we can approve them to be on campus.
  • All contracts must be reviewed by the C&S Coordinator
  • Students cannot sign Contracts
  • Students cannot create own Contracts or Invoices
  • Invoices should include the following:
    • Full Address
    • Contact information
    • HST #
    • Invoice #

How to create a constitution
All student groups have the opportunity to adopt a constitution, but is only necessary for societies and sub-societies. Creating a constitution is optional for clubs. A constitution is a brief outline of the purpose, structure and rules of a student group. Use our constitution template as a guide in developing a successful constitution for your own group.

Constitution approval

All constitutions must be approved by the Clubs & Societies Coordinator, usually upon ratification, but can be submitted via email at a later time. The Clubs & Societies office is here to help. You can book an appointment via email for constitution development or revision advice.

C&S Resources

As a ratified club or society, you are eligible to use the resources that the Student Union can provide for you.

Popcorn Machine

The popcorn machine is available for students to book out at the North Campus. To book out the popcorn machine, follow these steps:

  1. In your event form, check off “popcorn machine”
  2. Email cs.uoitsu@uoit.ca to ensure the popcorn machine is available for your event
  3. Pick up the popcorn machine from Clubs Office (SC217, 2nd floor of the Student Centre)
  4. Enjoy the popcorn!
  5. Clean the machine after use
  6. Drop the machine back off from where you picked it up

Your group is liable for ensuring that the popcorn machine is returned clean. If it is not returned clean, your group can be subject to a cleaning fee and/or the revocation of use of the popcorn machine.

Other Equipment

Any other equipment can be requested through the online event form as well, based on availability. Some items we may have for you to use include, but are not limited to: Table cloths, Giant Jenga, etc.

In 2016, we have started online ticket sales with Eventbrite.  You can setup your own page for your event, track sales, process refunds and even do free tickets, all on one site!

If you have an event that has been approved with the C&S team, you may then request to setup an Eventbrite link.  Please remember, DO NOT create your own Eventbrite account as all Club or Society groups must be under our account to successfully apply the revenue to your accounts.  Once our department has set you up as a user on our account, a link will be emailed to you.  From here you can set up your page with all the details and set your ticket prices.

What is an event form?

An event form is a digital form a club or society submits when they wish to host an event on or off campus.

Why do I have to fill out an event form?

As per our insurance policy, we have to fill out an event form to be covered. The Clubs & Societies office uses the information provided on your event form to book your event on campus. UOIT and DC require a record to be kept of any booking made on campus. Any information omitted from an event form is not approved, therefore, please be as specific as possible.

When do I need to fill out an event form?

Event forms must be submitted 20 business days before your event. This is so that we can thoroughly address all of your needs and ensure that your event is successful. If we do not receive the event form at least 20 business days beforehand, we cannot guarantee your event will be approved.

Any time you need to book a space on campus we require an event form, even if it is as simple as an executive meeting. Any event on or off campus must be approved via an event form. If an event takes place without approval, the club or society will be subject to sanctions and possible de-ratification.

How do I submit an event form?

After you have submitted your event form, you should receive event approval or a status update within 10 business days. This leaves you at least 10 days to add finishing touches and advertise your event. You will receive confirmation that we have received your event instantly. If you don’t receive this confirmation, please follow up to ensure your form was submitted correctly.

Once we have received your form, please keep an eye on your email in case we have any follow up questions or require additional information.

Types of funding

Clubs and societies are eligible for three types of Student Union funding (base funding, grant funding and account funding). Each form of funding serves different purposes and must be used in accordance with Student Union Financial Policy.

What is base funding?

Ratified societies are eligible for $1000 of base funding. Clubs receive $750 and sub-societies $500.

Base funding can be used for general supplies, posters/print media, food for events that are open to everyone, society admission to events, website, social media applications. Base funding CANNOT be used for food/beverages for executive meetings, clothing for executive members, alcohol, donations, MasterCard or Visa gift cards. If you are unsure of what your base funding can be spent on, please contact the Clubs & Societies office.

What is grant funding?

Grant funding is an opportunity for student groups to apply for additional funding for events or resources that are aside of the spending ability of base funding. See important dates section for deadlines and applications.

What is account funding?

All societies are required to keep a bank account within the Student Union only. When a society receives sponsorship funding, donations, or profits from events, these funds are to be deposited into the society account through the North Campus Tuck Shop. These funds may be used for any purpose within reason and must be in compliance with Student Union policy.

What happens to funds at the end of the year?

Only club/society account funds carry over from year to year as long as the club/society re-ratifies by Nov. 1 of the next year. Remaining base funding and grant funding are removed and reconciled by April 30 of each year.

How to withdraw funds?

Funds can be accessed either by release of funds forms, credit card approval forms. View the forms tab for more information.

Catering your event

On-campus events must be catered by Aramark, due to a signed agreement between Durham College, UOIT and Aramark.  It is NOT acceptable to obtain food through other means (ex. other catering services, store-bought food) due to last minute planning.


How to book Aramark catering

To request catering from Aramark, visit their online ordering system. Your event must be approved first and you must use the login and password provided by the Clubs & Societies office. Orders for full meals should be placed at least seven days in advance. Please review the policies located on their website for more information regarding timelines and other requirements.

Aramark has the first right of refusal, which means you must use their services for catering your event, unless you obtain written permission from Aramark services. It is the responsibility of the Student Union executives to obtain this.

Event Form

If you’re planning a club or society event, you must submit the event form for approval at least 20 business days prior to your event.

Go to form

Grant Funding Form

Do you have a great idea but need some extra funding to make it happen? Grant funding is available to clubs and societies with a plan that benefits the students of UOIT and enriches the student life experience. The deadline to request grant funding is September 10, 2017 for the Fall Semester and October 28, 2016 for the Winter Semester.

Ratification Application

You must submit a complete Ratification Package to apply for club or society status. The deadline for ratification is September 30, 2017.

Print Media Approval Form

Before you poster, make sure your print media is approved by the Clubs & Societies office by submitting the following form via email. Clubs and societies must abide by Durham College’s Poster Procedure. In Durham College, you may only put up posters in areas where there is a bulletin board for Student Union activities, and any posters in any other areas will be taken down by Durham College staff. In UOIT, you may put up posters on the walls, but you MUST only use white sticky tack (available in the bookstore), otherwise it may damage the walls.

Go To Form

Reimbursement of Funds Form 

Before this form can be processed, please remember:

  • All original and applicable receipts must be attached and submitted in hard copy
  • Incomplete or electronic forms will not be accepted
  • The signing authority cannot be the same person to whom the cheque is payable

It may take up to 10 business days for requisitions to be processed and cheques to be available. Once processed, cheques are either available for pick-up in the Tuck Shop or can be sent by mail. Proper ID is required.

Download Form

Travel Waiver

If you’re hosting or attending an event off campus, all students in attendance must sign the travel waiver.

Participation Waiver

If you are hosting an event that requires a participation waiver, all students in attendance must sign the participation waiver.

Purchase Request Form

The purpose of a credit card is to make large purchases for a club/society in order to minimize out of pocket spending. A credit card purchase can be made for online and in-store items, hotels, transportation, etc. In order to avoid paying out of pocket, we encourage executives to utilize the credit card system.

A credit card purchase can be made with the submission of this completed form. Please reference the financial procedure for approved credit card purchases. A credit card purchase will only be granted if the amount requested is available in the club/society account. Executives must give a minimum of 5 business days notification before a purchase can be made.

Prize Claim Form

This form is intended for when you are holding an event where prizes are given out. Please fill in the information about your prizes in the first portion of the form. When the prize is awarded, please have them fill out their information on this form so we can accurately track the prizing information from your event. Please submit these forms with the Reimbursement of Funds Form for the prizes. Please note, executives from your group are not eligible to win prizes.

Transfer of Funds Form

This form is used to transfer funds from one student group to another student group, generally for the purpose of partnership and collaboration. It may take up to 10 business days to process transfers.

Third Party Payment Form

This form is used to process invoice payments or donations for third-party individuals and organizations. It may take up to 10 business days to process invoices. Cheques will be sent directly to the payee. Before this form can be processed, please remember:

  • The invoice must be attached and submitted in hard copy
  • Incomplete or electronic forms will not be accepted
  • The signing authority cannot be the same person to whom the cheque is payable

Being a general member of a group can be beneficial! You receive recognition for your involvement in a group, it looks great on a resume and you get to be a part of something you are passionate about.

Recruitment of New Members

When looking for new members, the Club & Society office offers you some great ways to recruit.  There is the DC Fun Fair, UOIT Get Involved Fair as well as the C&S Fair where you can sign your group up for a table to show off everything your club or society has to offer.  You can also request a table in either the UA or UB Atrium on the UOIT side or a table in Vendor’s Alley on the DC side.

Members List & Recognition

Be sure to submit your general members list to our office before the 31st of January every year to be sure the receive recognition for their efforts. Our office will open registration in late November till the end of January for you to input or update your lists.  Failure to get your general members in by the deadline will result in your executive members also not receiving any recognition either.  Remember, everyone who is a part of your group, be it general member or executive, deserves to be recognized for their efforts.

Changing/Replacing Executives

If an executive would like to step down from the group or an executive has gone MIA and you would like to remove them, there are some steps you need to follow.  They are as follows:

Stepping Down:
  • Have executive email their C&S Administrator to let them know the reason for leaving
  • Administrator will remove them from the ratification package
MIA Executive:
  • Try to set up a meeting with the member to see if you can resolve this matter without having them removed.
  • Send an email to the executive in question informing them of your decision and CC (carbon copy) your Administrator so they also have a copy and are aware that this is taking place.
  • Be sure to include a deadline for them to respond by. Failure to do so by the date will result in them being removed from the ratification as well as they will not receive any recognition for their involvement.
Every year, the Student Union organizes a leadership conference for club and society executive members. The conference provides opportunities to network with other student groups, develop professional and leadership skills, learn about valuable on campus resources and more!

To get a better idea of what the conference offers, take a look at our 2016 conference manual.

Branded apparel
Clubs and societies have the option of designing and selling branded apparel to their members.

Please review the clothing order process for more information.

Order form

Student Union Clothing Order Summary 2016

Approval Process

Have you created posters, tickets, handbills, or another form of print media for your group or event? Before you print or distribute it, you must submit a Print Media Approval Form and get it approved by the Club & Society Office.

Please ensure the form is submitted and artwork is provided to the C&S office well in advance of when the materials are needed, otherwise we cannot guarantee they will be ready in time due to varying degrees of volume.

New online ticket sales

Please note, tickets will no longer be printed through the Print Media Approval Form. Instead, you can contact us to gain access to Eventbrite, which allows you to create tickets for your event and ensure tickets are not lost. You can even create tickets for free events. Please be sure to go through our office to obtain tickets for your event.

What is the Presidents’ Council?

The Student Union launched the Presidents’ Council as a way of better understanding the diverse needs of our student population. Society presidents know the students they represent, how to improve the lives of those students on campus, and can provide valuable feedback and recommendations to the Student Union Board of Directors. As the Presidents’ Council, these student leaders can serve as additional liaisons between students and the Student Union and help guide the Student Union in the right direction.

Terms of reference

For more information about the Presidents’ Council, please review the Terms of Reference.


January 13, 2017 – Presidents Council Agenda

December 2, 2016 – Presidents Council Agenda

September 9, 2016 – Presidents Council Agenda

October 7, 2016 – Presidents Council Agenda

November 4, 2016 – Presidents Council Agenda

Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2016 – Presidents Council Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2016 – Presidents Council Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2016 – Presidents Council Meeting Minutes

Obtaining co-curricular recognition

Club and society members and executives may be eligible for co-curricular recognition. In the winter semester, we request all groups send us a list of their members in order to receive recognition for their Co-Curricular Record.

An email notice is sent out when the online submission form is available. If your membership exceeds 100 members, please send us an email with your complete list of members.

Find out more

Visit your institution’s link for more information about co-curricular recognition:

Durham College


Coming Soon.

Promotional Tools

As a ratified campus group, you have access to promotional tools through the Student Union, including, but not limited to:

  1. Riot Radio (contact Riot Radio to appear during their Clubs/Societies hour!)
  2. Facebook pages (join the Society page and Club page to promote your events!)
  3. Student Union Event Calendar (your event will be added to this calendar once approved!),
  4. UOIT televisions (see those nifty televisions up on campus? You can get an ad up on them! Contact our office for more information.)
Wanting to have a movie night with your group? There are some steps you need to do before starting the film!  They are as follows:

  • Check Criterion (https://www.criterionpic.com/) for title of the movie you wish to watch
  • If the movie is listed there, you can purchase the movie for public viewing
  • If it is not, we do not have the permissions needed for a public viewing and another movie must be chosen.
  • Cannot access movie from a streaming site, must buy or rent film
  • Fill out an Event Form requesting a location to show the film.

Social Media

Clubs and Societies may decide to set up Social Media pages for their group. We recommend including this in your ratification form, or by e-mailing us, so that we can add it to our website for students to find.

Please ensure that you are using best practices when using Social Media.

There are a ton of resources online for dealing with bullying on Social Media. For your ease and convenience, we have compiled a list for you:

How to deal with bullying on Facebook: LINK
How to deal with bullying in general: LINK
Need help at UOIT? LINK
Need help at Durham College? LINK
Need to contact Outreach Services? LINK

How society elections work

Mandatory society elections are held in February to determine the executives for your group for the next academic year.

This website will be your main information source for your society’s elections. The nomination packages will be available for submission in the week of January 23-27. The campaign period will be January 30 – February 3. The election period, which will take place online here, will be the week of February 6-10. You will need your student ID to be eligible to vote.

The nomination packages will be posted here when they become available. Please contact Dianna Ploughman, Chief Returning Officer (CRO), at dianna.lown@dc-uoit.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Club and sub-societies

Clubs and sub-societies may choose to hold an election for new executives, though it is not mandatory. If your group would like to hold an election in February, please contact Dianna Ploughman.

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is a method of generating funds through an agreement with an external individual or corporation. Let’s say you’re part of a computer-related club and you’re organizing a networking event but you need more funding to cover your costs. You might reach out to a computer store and ask if they can contribute financially to your event. In return, you could offer them some visibility at your event (ie. a booth, signage, etc.) or include their logo on your marketing materials, or they might just contribute as an act of goodwill. While getting sponsored requires some effort, it can lead to some truly valuable relationships for your group.

How to utilize sponsorships

We encourage you to utilize the sponsorship request template when seeking sponsorship opportunities. To enter into a formal agreement, use the sponsorship agreement template. Please remember, the agreement must be signed by the Clubs & Societies Coordinator or else it is not considered a binding agreement.

Unfortunately the Club & Society office does not have any sport-based club due to liability issues.  If you have a sport-based club you would like to start, you can contact Christie Attwood @ CRWC to inquire on how to get started.  The website is: http://campusrecreationcentre.com

All new and returning executives must complete the Club & Society online training course and pass with 80% or higher in each section.  To request training, please have your executives in need of completing the training to contact cs.uoitsu@uoit.ca to reserve your spot.  You will need to include the following when requesting training:

  • Full Name
  • Institutional Email
  • Club or Society in which you are an executive member
  • Please be sure to request correct Training (Returning Executive or New Executive)

If you or your members do not complete the training before the deadline, your group could be subject to:

  • Deratification
  • Financial Account Frozen
  • Sanctions against your group

Transitioning executive members

It is important to plan for a smooth transition for your outgoing and incoming club/society executives for a successful year ahead. If you are ending the year and have not planned for incoming executives, you can arrange to leave your materials and digital assets with the Club & Societies office. They will be passed along to any students who re-ratify your group the following year.

If you require any assistance with the transitioning process, please contact the Clubs & Societies office.

Planning a timeline

Events are integral to clubs and societies, but running a great event takes planning. Providing incoming executives with a snapshot of the past academic year will help them plan ahead and organize successful events.

It is highly recommended that incoming executives are selected by the beginning of March each year so the transition process can begin. Executives can be elected or appointed. We encourage groups to use an election process, but realize is not feasible for all student groups. For more information on elections, please view our elections tab.

Transitioning check-list

Below is a check-list of items you want to consider while transitioning:


Outgoing executives are encouraged to provide new executive members with:

  • De-brief notes (positives/negatives throughout the year)
  • Statistics (group membership numbers, attendance at events, etc.)
  • Strategic plans and recommendations

Groups develop a significant amount of digital content over the years which should be passed along. Some examples include:

  • Financial documents (budgets, receipts,  etc.)
  • Constitution
  • Previous design files (logos, posters, etc.)
  • Event calendar and planning documents
  • Passwords (emails, websites, social media accounts, etc.)

Groups collect a great deal of physical assets over the years, and those need to be passed along to new executives. Please contact the Clubs & Societies office if you have storage issues. Assets could include:

  • Marketing materials (banners, table clothes, posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Promotional items (water bottles, apparel, pens, etc.)
  • Essentially anything purchased with club/society funds (games, prizes, etc.)


Over the years, groups develop and build strong partnerships and those contacts should be passed along to the incoming executives. Some examples include:

  • Outgoing executives
  • Campus partners (faculty members, DC/UOIT staff)
  • Community partners (businesses, charities, sponsors, guest speakers, volunteers)
  • External vendors (promotional companies, venues)


Travel waivers MUST be dropped off at B138 before your off-campus event, if the participants are taking transportation to the location.

Booking a Bus

If you need to book a bus for your event, the easiest avenue is to go through Phoenix buses as we already have A COI through them. You are responsible for arranging your own bus. You can e-mail them at phoenix-courtney@bellnet.ca. E-mail as soon as the event is approved, to ensure they are able to accommodate you. Make sure to mention that you are a student group with the UOIT Student Union.

If Phoenix is unable to accommodate your request, email our office for other options.

Travelling by other means

If the group is travelling by Via-Rail or Go-Bus, the best route is to use the Purchase Request Form, so that the money does not come out of your pocket.