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Key dates to note for the election process


Key dates to note
for the election process


Attend the Election Information Session on January 21 at 1PM to learn about the election process and have your questions answered by the elections team. The location of the meeting will be posted closer to the date.

For further elections inquires, email: uoitsu@uoit.ca.

Yes. The President is a full-time one year position. The Vice-President positions are full-time during the summer, and part-time during the fall and winter semesters.

Directors are volunteers, but they will be awarded an honorarium for attending board meetings.

The Voting Period is February 11-13. Members can access their ballot through their UOIT email address.

The rules governing the election can be found in the Nomination & Election Policy approved by the UOIT SU Board of Directors.

All Candidates are required to abide by the Nominations and Elections Policy.

If you believe a candidate has violated the Elections Policy you can report it the the Chief Returning Officer (CRO).

The appellate process is essential to an accountable elections process. Any decision made by the CRO can be appealed to the Election’s Committee.

Any Full-Time Member in good standing can appeal the elections process. Candidates can appeal any decision made by the CRO directly to the Election’s Committee. To submit your appeal, fill out the Letter of Appeal Form online.

The UOIT SU is looking for a minimum of two students to join the Elections Committee. The Elections Committee is responsible for making critical decisions impacting UOIT SU elections. The Committee is also responsible for hearing appeals and evaluating the outcome of the General Election.

Email uoitsu@uoit.ca for more information.