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What is an AGM?

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the most important event hosted by your Student Union. Those who attended will have the opportunity to learn more about their union, vote on critical issues, and hear exciting announcements.

Power to the people

As a member, it is your right to attend the AGM. Members can submit proposals that will be heard and voted on by all members present at the AGM. You have the power to make real change on campus, and it starts at the AGM.

Knowledge is power

Be an informed voter. Download the Agenda and Letter of Notice to prepare for the AGM.

Share your bright idea

The UOIT SU is always looking for ways to improve. Submit a proposal(coming soon) online to be heard and voted on at the AGM.

Many hands make like work

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can appoint a proxy(link) to vote on your behalf. Maximum one proxy per attendee.

Key Dates

Students MUST submit a proposal by TBD to have it heard at the AGM.

Candidates MUST appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf by TBD.

Attend the AGM to vote on critical issues and hear exciting announcements. Bring your positive energy!

Shed some light

At the meeting, members will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask and learn about the UOIT SU operations and finances
  • Hear reports from the Board of Directors
  • Speak about any item on the agenda
  • Vote on any special resolution or proposal
  • Make or second motions

At the meeting, members will be asked to vote to:

  • Adopt an agenda
  • Accept the annual report
  • Appoint and pay a Public Accountant(s) to prepare a report for the fiscal year
  • Adopt any Member’s Proposal
  • Elect Directors


Download the Agenda and Letter of Notice and discover what will be discussed at the AGM.

As a member, it is your right to attend the AGM and vote on all resolutions. More information about your rights can be found in our General Bylaws.